Workplace & Industry Services

Workplace and industry services

According to Hides, Jull and Richardson, long term results suggest that specific exercise therapy (in addition to medical management and resumption and normal activity) may actually be more effective in reducing lower pack pain reoccurrences than medical management and normal activity alone.

To prevent work-related injuries or accelerate your recovery, we offer a wide range of physiotherapy services.

Our workplace physiotherapy services

  • Workplace onsite physio clinics/ services
  • Musculoskeletal screenings
  • Initial pre-employment physical screening exams establishing baseline measures with special emphasis on workplace requirements
  • Occupational task analyses
  • 12 week structured exercise programs to facilitate return to work
  • Gym-based exercise programs
  • Written home exercise programs to monitor compliance
  • Video biomechanics analyses
  • Educational talks, presentations, and advice regarding injury management and prevention
  • Sports event coverage
  • Sports-specific analytics of movement (eg. golf swings and throwing techniques)
  • G.R.I.P.P (Golf Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention Program)
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