Asthma & Breathing Conditions

Suffering from Asthma or Breathing Problems?

“The trick to life is to just keep breathing” -Johnny Lung.

The lungs are essential in delivering oxygen to our bodies and expelling carbon dioxide. Breathing disorders have direct effects on our cardio-respiratory fitness and functional capacity. It is very distressing and even life threatening when one cannot breathe comfortably or effectively. Effective rehabilitation plays a role in recovering from many respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, and a key towards maximising physical well being with many chronic breathing disorders.

Depending on the nature of your breathing condition will then determine the optimal management. Your physio will provide a thorough assessment to help treatment planning which may include specific exercises, biofeedback, hydrotherapy, manual and soft tissue therapies, as well as activity advice and referral where indicated. Specific breathing exercises are always a key part to addressing breathing disorders.

What to expect in your consult?

Your initial new episode consultation will involve a comprehensive assessment where we ascertain your relevant history and medical history, followed by a physical examination to determine the diagnosis and cause of your problem.

This will be discussed with you where we form a treatment plan for your needs. The treatment may vary but will often include a combination of “hands on therapies”, taping, advice, exercise therapies, dry needling as well as other options.

Conditions we help with:

General Deconditioning


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