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singleton phisiotheraphy knee pain

Knee injuries

Knee injuries are often caused by damage to the bone, tendons, or muscles. Alternatively, they can be caused by overuse or inflammation. These injuries can seriously affect your everyday mobility, which is why we aim to find the cause quickly so we can determine the best course of action and start your recovery as soon as possible. 
singleton phisiotheraphy calf pain

Shin and calf injuries

Shin and calf injuries need to be assessed thoroughly to find the cause, which can range from overloading, inadequate footwear or inflammation to vascular insufficiency or a compressed nerve.
singleton phisiotheraphy wrist pain

Wrist injuries

Sports, lifting heavy objects, or a bad fall can all result in painful wrist, hand, or finger injuries. We can provide an accurate diagnosis for these injuries, which is very important in order to reduce the risk of permanent limited usability.
singleton phisiotheraphy muscle pain

Muscle injuries

Overloading your muscle can be painful. It’s vital that you receive the right care, as your muscle will need time to heal. Overexerting muscles too soon very often results in re-injury.
singleton phisiotheraphy elbow pain

Elbow injuries

Elbow and forearm injuries are very common sports injuries. Playing tennis or lifting heavy objects are common causes for this type of pain. We specialise in properly diagnosing these injuries and helping patients correctly strengthen and stretch the affected area to accelerate the healing process.
singleton phisiotheraphy ankle pain

Foot injuries

Foot and ankle injuries need to be diagnosed correctly in order to avoid future chronic pains and aches. These issues are often caused by muscle, tendon, or ligament tears.
singleton phisiotheraphy hip pain

Hip injuries

Hip and groin injuries are often caused by sports that involve twisting, turning, or sidestepping. Their treatment can be complex, but our experts are prepared to create a rehabilitation program that will suit your needs.
singleton phisiotheraphy childrens injuries

Children’s injuries

Children can sustain the same injuries as adults. However, due their growing muscle and bone structure, special treatment is necessary.

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