Dry Needling

Dry Needling utilises sterile single use acupuncture needles therapeutically to symptomatic trigger points in muscles and associated soft tissue structures.

Trigger points are tender/ tight bands of muscle which can be present due to injury or overuse and cause pain when squeezed or pressed. Often a “twitch” is produced resulting in muscle relaxation, reduction of tension, increased local blood flow and pain relieving effects via stimulation of spinal reflexes. There is a growing body of research to support dry needling as part of effective therapy for a wide range of conditions. It is a useful tool used as part of a best treatment package rather than a stand alone “quick fix”.

Western Acupuncture
Is a form of acupuncture which is different to traditional TCM acupuncture. Acupuncture needles are used to meridian points but applied via a “western” (scientific) reasoning with consideration to neurophysiology and anatomy. Points are stimulated to create local, spinal segmental or supraspinal pain modulating effects.

Who gets needled?
We do not use needles on all of our clients and of course some folks just hate needles! All clients are carefully assessed before any treatments including needling and there are certain contra-indications to needling also. We develop our treatment plans in conjunction with our clients and listen to your needs.

Are We acupuncturists?
Our Physios have completed post graduate courses in Western Acupuncture and Dry Needling as endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. We are not Traditional Chinese Acupuncturists (TCM) and don’t pretend to be. We don’t provide acupuncture for weight loss, smoking, fertility, asthma etc.
Many of the needle sites may be very similar to TCM however the reasoning behind our selection of points is different and utilises a western scientific reasoning. Did you know that even within the TCM model there are different approaches?

Private Clients

A referral is not required for Physio as a private client. If you have private insurance health fund extras cover please bring your fund card and we can process your claim directly via HICAPs. Also bring along any relevant reports, scans etc.

What to expect in your consult?

Your initial new episode consultation will involve a comprehensive assessment where we ascertain your relevant history and medical history, followed by a physical examination to determine the diagnosis and cause of your problem.

This will be discussed with you where we form a treatment plan for your needs. The treatment may vary but will often include a combination of “hands on therapies”, taping, advice, exercise therapies, dry needling as well as other options.

Conditions we help with:


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