Remedial Massage Therapy

Feeling tight, tired and stressed? Sore from some big days at work or sport? A lovely professional massage can sort you out and make you feel more energised, free and relaxed..

Massage increases blood flow and promotes circulation to the specific areas of the body being treated, softens muscle tightness and stretches connective tissues. A remedial massage can also be a beneficial adjunct to Physiotherapy following injury. Our therapists work together closely so that you get the right type and amount of treatment.

A thorough assessment is provided at the beginning of your visit to identify your needs and goals and then a detailed plan is developed towards these.

Gift certificates available- A massage can be a great gift idea particularly for people who never make time to look after their own health.

Types of Massage available

Relaxation – rejuvenate, revitalise and de-stress. This massage offers light to medium technique helping relieve tension, reduce soreness, improve and wellbeing

Remedial massage – targeted soft tissue therapies to release muscle soreness and fascial tension through areas of need. Utilises deeper massage techniques and ideal for relieving more significant tension and tightness.

Deep tissue – focused deeper pressure techniques ideal for clients who really benefit from a firmer work over.

Trigger point – direct pressures to focal tight sensitive taut bands in muscle

Sports Massage – for athletes of every kind, your massage is directed towards your sporting pattern of load and tightnesses. Depending on your timing the techniques can vary from flushing techniques, trigger point and deep tissue releases to help you perform at your best

Pregnancy – a fabulous experience for you and your baby. Relax your mind and relieve those uncomfortable zones like your mid and lower back. We have a nice preggy belly pillow so you can lie on your tummy during your massage.

Lymphatic drainage – light stroking techniques which flush lymph nodes and very effectively promote fluid drainage. Especially useful for people suffering from lymphatic swelling disorders like lyphoedema.

Myofascial release – sustained deep strokes which stretch connective tissue within and around muscles. Effective to help lengthen tight muscles.

Who is RMT useful for?

All ages can enjoy a great massage:
• Recovering from injury
• Chronic pain sufferer
• Stress and tension
• Pregnancy aches and pains
• Muscle soreness and tightness
• Sports recovery or pre-event readiness
• Cramping
• Lymphatic swelling

Our Redial Massage Therapists have completed Diploma level qualifications meeting NSW SIRA Workcover and Private Health Fund Extras Cover standards. You can process your Health Fund Claim instantly at our clinics via HICAPs.

Private Clients

A referral is not required for Remedial Massage as a private client. If you have private insurance health fund extras cover please bring your fund card and we can process your claim directly via HICAPs. Also bring along any relevant reports, scans etc.

What to expect in your consult?

Your initial new episode consultation will involve a comprehensive assessment where we ascertain your relevant history and medical history, followed by a physical examination.

This will be discussed with you where we form a treatment plan for your needs. Your therapist will use a variety of soft tissue techniques based on your presentation and preferences to help you feel great again!

Conditions we help with:


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