Telehealth: Online Physiotherapy!

We are excited to now offer online live 1 on 1 Telehealth Services for our clients.

This is a game changer, especially helpful in situations that may prevent you from accessing our clinic in person. Below you will find the cost of a Telehealth consultation, What to Expect from the consult and also some FAQ’s. Call us today to make your Telehealth appointment with Singleton Physiotherapy.

Initial Telehealth Consultation – $98  (45mins)
Subsequent Telehealth Consultation – $82 (20-30 mins, after an initial telehealth or in clinic consultation)
Subsequent Short Catch up Telehealth Consultations – $45 (10-15 mins)

What to expect in your consult?

A comprehensive history: regarding your problem, including your goals and any other relevant factors which could contribute to the diagnosis and management of your problem.

Objective Exam: movements and tests over video link which will assist in confirming diagnosis and management. We ask that you wear appropriate clothing so we can see your affected body area. Eg. shorts and singlet

Management Advice and Exercise Program: using the PhysiApp program you will be given a unique personalised exercise program with the best exercises and advice for your problem as well as tailored education and management advice. Further we will give advice regarding exercise progression, all with a view towards preventing your problem from reocurring.

Plan and follow up: working with you towards your goals your Physio will provide a clear plan, a road map of how we will get you there. Follow up consultation frequency and amount will depend upon your needs and circumstances. Also you can ask questions and reach out to us directly via PhysiApp.


Why Telehealth?

  • Access your Physio from anywhere in Australia
  • Can’t get to the clinic because of sickness, travel or otherwise? we’re here to help!
  • Most conditions can be effectively treated with Telehealth and there is evidence that Telehealth can be just as effective as a 1 on 1 in person clinical consultation. We give you the right information and tools to get yourself better!
  • “Hands on” treatment can’t be provided, however there’s lots of great effective tips and strategies we can show you. In the vast majority of cases this is not a barrier to achieving a great outcome. If you really require manual therapies we can help direct you to the right place and find a workable solution.
  • Safe, delivered by Qualified experienced Professionals
  • Diagnostically accurate, as proven by research compared to face to face consultations
  • Digitally secure encrypted service

What conditions can be treated with Telehealth?

There are very few conditions which cannot be effectively managed with Telehealth. Examples of conditions which can be rehabilitated include:

  • Low back pain (acute or chronic)
  • Osteoarthritis (knee, hip, shoulder)
  • Knee injuries: patellofemoral pain, ligament sprains, post operative
  • Running injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Elbow pain: tennis elbow
  • And many more!

How does it work?

All you need is an internet connection and a device such as a laptop, PC with webcam, tablet or phone. We arrange an appointment time, take pre-payment via credit card over the phone and send you the easy connection link and off we go!

We also offer FREE online chat with your physio, so you can have your questions answered if you have a follow up appointment.

Before your consultation..

Download the PhysiApp app on your device and we will provide your unique login code.

Find a good quiet location for your consultation where there is some room to move, reasonable lighting and privacy. Also ensure that your device has a working webcam, microphone and can be supported on a surface

Ready to make a booking?

Give us a call to look down the best time that works for you.