International Women’s Day

International Womens Day

Only 51% of women aged 25-34 are getting enough regular physical activity, and unfortunately this number only decreases as we age with only 23% of women aged 65+ being sufficiently active.

How much exercise do I need to do?

To meet the recommend exercise guidelines women should be completing 150 minutes per week. This is only 30 minutes 5 time per week and the good news is that this exercise can be broken up throughout your day. This means you can go for a 10 minute walk before work, perform 10 minutes of exercise during your lunch break, and then finally another 10 minutes after work. If you do this at least 5 days of your week you will be reaching the guidelines and promoting good health!

Why do I need to exercise?

Mental Health – There is a strong link between regular physical activity and positive mental health. Exercise can assist in managing many mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety but can also have a positive effect on your mood.

Preventing Chronic Conditions – 1 in 2 women will experience a chronic health conditions at least once throughout their life. These conditions can vary but include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, breast cancer, and osteoarthritis. There are many studies that demonstrate that regular physical activity can significantly reduce your risk of developing these conditions, and can assist with managing these conditions also.

Support Healthy Ageing – As we age the chance of developing a chronic condition increases, with over 50% of Australian women aged 60+ having developed a bone fracture from Osteoporosis. Weight bearing exercises like squats, push ups, and stretchy band exercises, can help to improve bone health and reduce the risk of fractures.

Regular exercise not only improves your physical and mental health, but it reduces your risk of chronic disease and premature death. This means you’ll be happier, healthier and around for longer to spend quality time with your loved ones.

If you need more help with getting started with your exercise journey contact Singleton Physiotherapy and have a chat with our exercise physiologist or one of our physiotherapists.

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