What is small group training and how can it benefit you?

There are many great benefits to small group classes, but main reason we love it is because it allows a personalised focus for each participant. Small group numbers ensures your trainer (Exercise Physiologist or Physio) provides for you the correct tailored exercise and can make sure your form and technique is correct for the length of the class.

The smaller group size, which is generally more than 3 but less than 10 people, allows each person to have adequate supervision and autonomy throughout their workout. Our class members are here for a wide range of reasons, be it injury, weight loss, heart health, or falls prevention. The only people within the group that are aware of your health conditions is yourself and the EP or physio in charge.

The group setting also provides a sense of socialization, enjoyment, and fun, which is what exercise should be about! All of our group class are certainly social events, with all our participants demonstrating camaraderie and support for fellow class members. This is an element that can often be missing from one-on-one training.

Cost benefit!

Another great benefit of group training that keeps plenty of our clients returning is the financial benefit. A group class costs generally ¼ of the price of a one-on-one session, this helps you to continue the rehab journey to completion and conquer your health goals, at a much more affordable price tag.
Here at Singleton Physiotherapy you can easily transition from your private Physio sessions to a group class, and just as easily transition back if need be. Your Physio can advise the trainer what exercises you need to be focusing on and any that should be avoided. This clarity removes any confusion and ensures your health goals are met without barriers and flare ups along the way. Conversely, if you do experience a set back, your trainer will advise your treating Physio what is going on and help get your injury settle as quick as possible.

We are very fortunate here at Singleton Physiotherapy that we have 5 class types that are spaced over 11 time slots each week. These aims to allow as many people as possible to attend a class at a time that best suits them. Our classes include Hydrotherapy, Stretch and Strength (Pilates style class), Group Rehab (gym style class), Lower Limb, and Diabetes Classes. Check out our timetable, pop in or call the clinic if you would like more info on any of our classes.

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